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How to Build a Team

How to Build a Team

On behalf of Prowess Project, we are thrilled that we were invited to share our learnings at Texas’ Female Founders Day. 

See the slides and Top 3 Considerations below. 

Consideration #1: What expertise do you need?

Task/Energy checkin 


List skills required 

Consideration #2: What working-style fits YOU best? 

Why doesn’t he just? 

Personality & Learning style

Consult the Experts

See full case study- Health Tech & Prowess 

Consideration #3: What type of hire works best for you? 

Ask yourself these questions… 

Employee: Do you have more than 40 hrs of work a week? 

Contractor: Do you have less than 40 hrs a week of work or is this project-based? 

Agency: Do you need several specialties? 

Intern: Do you have time to train? 

See which to hire guide. 

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