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We help you save time by tackling your critical business operations so you can focus on growth.

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Our Project Managers help you with:

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  • Companies with established revenue in growth mode
  • Estimated $500K in annual revenue
  • Team leads, Middle managers, Project managers

With an online project manager, you'll get:

Professional with 5 + years of experience

Vetted and certified by Prowess Project

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OUr Mission

Her career on her terms.

At Prowess Project, we saw two problems in the workforce.  First, teams not living up to their full potential because they are bogged down by project management tasks and poor processes. Second, educated and qualified women who took time off their careers to be caretakers, now want to rejoin the workforce, but not full time.  Prowess Project provides a solution to both.  We certify these women in emotional intelligence, team dynamics and project management and offer flexible, empowering work so she can take back control of having it all – a fulfilling career and time for family.

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