Prowess Project can help

COVID-19 is forcing innovation on all of us. The companies who can quickly build and rollout a virtual offering will be the ones who weather the storm. Stuck on what that could mean for your business? Good news, this is what we do.

10+ years of Business Experience

Certified in remote work

Trained in out-of-the-box thinking with the chops to execute

Vetted and Certified Talent Pool

Our team has completed a 16-hour certification course covering the following

Professional Skill

Project Management
Remote Work Expertise
Business Operations Specialists
Latest Technology Skills

EQ Skills

Calm under pressure
Team Leadership

See a case study

In-person summer camp transitions and scales with the help of Prowess

Need to innovate

Moolah U, a kids' summer camp teaching financials, was about to close due to COVID-19's physical distancing mandate. They needed to bring the same value, virtually, especially while kids are out of school.

Prowess in action

CEO, Gayle Reaume, reached out to Prowess Project to help. Gayle was quickly paired with talent who had the expertise and social skills to plan and execute that transition.

Complete Pivot to online

Moolah U went from a weeklong summer camp to a weekly virtual offering serving kids nationwide. Within just weeks, Gayle believes she'll be able to scale her impact exponentially.

Meet the superwomen
happy to handle the workload

"Results Driven"

Calm under pressure
Operations expertise Training skills

"Can see the big picture"

Streamlining pro
Strong communicator

"Creative Solutions"

Create clear process Innovative ideas
Pulls a team together

"Integration Expert"

Biotech & Enviro experience
Software training and PM

Benefits of Prowess Talent

Proven, innovative talent

Our talent is vetted to be quick-thinkers and problem-solvers. Never has this been more mission-critical for your business than now.
Our talent jumps into your projects right away. To prep, they all complete our proven 16+ hr certification to master team dynamics, project management best practices and latest tech tools.
Decrease turnover cost

Flexible contracts to match workload & budget

Our talent flexes with your bandwidth needs. She'll scale up and down before and after the parental leave period to ensure that no balls are dropped.
Get control of your time

Speedy interview & ramp-up process

Interview period as little as 3 hours and onboarding is cut in half. Our talent network is paired with your team based on IQ & EQ compatibility speeding up all processes significantly.

Note from Ashley


I founded Prowess Project with the goal to connect businesses with an up-tapped workforce. We have certified our talent remote work, project management and empathic communication because we believe that these are the true skills busy business owners need. In these unprecedented times we are seeing this now more than ever.

This is not a “business opportunity” for us. This is us reaching out to help so many of our fellow small business owners, start-up founders and friends that need to find the right people for their teams quickly.

We’re happy to offer discounts to companies to help them innovate during this unprecedented time. 


Our Mission

At Prowess, we saw two problems in the workforce. First, teams not living up to their full potential because they are bogged down by fire drills. Second, educated and qualified women pausing their careers, many to become caretakers and then struggle to return to the workforce.  

Prowess provides employers with expert talent at a reasonable cost by vetting and certifying women returning to the workforce.  Our proprietary algorithm matches them jobs based on IQ & EQ creating a natural fit almost instantly.   Women now can have it all – a fulfilling work and time with family.

You can have confidence
with Prowess Project at your side.

How we do it

Assess your needs
Review your tools & processes
Integrate into your team

What we do

Educated & Experienced
Community of shared best practices
Continued education

Why we do it

Personality-style compatibility
Skills vetted
In demand higher-level talent

Ready to get started?