We saw two problems in the workforce

FIRST, teams not living up to their full potential because they are bogged down with “fire drills” preventing work on revenue-generating activities.  

$544B Productivity drain

Companies in the US lose $544 billion a year companies due to unproductivity. According to ServiceNow’s The The Productivity Drain report, loss in productivity is due to poor communication, ineffective meetings, and trivial interruptions.

US wastes 2 full days a week

US companies waste 2 full work days a week being unproductive meaning less time for focus on growth and long-term plans.


SECOND, educated, experienced women leaving the workforce to raise a family and can’t find flexible, empowering work when they try to reenter. 


Loss of compensation up to 37%

There are over 3 Million educated, experienced stay-at-home moms looking to reenter the workforce but can’t even get interviews; if they do land jobs, they lose 37% of their compensation power*

Over 3 million women facing this issue

Yes. 3 million women today with a college or graduate degree who are looking to re-enter the workforce. That’s a conservative number, because that’s only a five-year look, and we know there are women who are out for longer and want to come back.


Prowess Project Solution

Prowess Project is an online fractional workforce that solves both of these issues.  We’ve tapped into the pool of over 3 million “MBA Moms” who have paused their careers to raise a family and now want to reenter the workforce.   We vet and certify them in a 16 hour course covering project management, team dynamics and the latest tech tools, then virtually connect them with underperforming teams based on skill set, personality indicators and timing.  Companies then benefit from this cross between a COO and executive assistant to help streamline processes and boost productivity. 

Ashley Connell

CEO & Founder

Founder's Bio'

Ashley Connell, CEO and Founder of Prowess Project, has been an unstoppable tech marketer and entrepreneur in both Austin and London over the past 12 years of her career. With a keen ability to marry the art and science of marketing, she has honed her dynamic skills in key positions including launching and driving all European marketing initiatives during her tenure at Spiceworks, and managing Global Field Marketing at SanDisk. Ashley is one part fearless entrepreneur and one part fearless women’s advocate, and the thought of having a child caused her to fully embrace the dilemmas women face in deciding what to do career wise at this juncture. From the lack of career options for women wanting to work from home part time, in addition to her firsthand experience of death-by-meeting and inefficient teams, the idea for Prowess Project was born.  After graduating from the rigorous Founders Institute- undertaken while a partner in her own marketing firm, A10 Partners- Ashley’s now changing the lives of frustrated managers, stay-at-home moms seeking meaningful work, and doing all she can to close the gender gap.  In her pretty much non-existent spare time she enjoys yoga, walks with her dog, cheering on her beloved Longhorns, and spaghetti and meatballs.