Fractional Business Managers

We are your right-hand (wo)man.

Do what you love - so we can too.

Prowess Project fractional business managers are seasoned COOs, executive assistants, entrepreneurs or business managers.  Starting and running a business comes second nature. We set up, streamline and maintain your on-boarding process, website, accounting system and whatever other back-of-house operations you throw at us.  Not sure what you need, but know you have a problem? No worries – set-up a free consultation and we’ll match you with the right person. 

Prowess Project Proficiencies

Project Management

Human resources





Have too many ideas with too little action? 

Fractional Business Managers handle your mission-critical business operations so you can focus on growth. 

Not enough hours in the day?

Fractional Business Managers help you offload the back-of-house logistics so you can do the work you love.

Paralyzed about where to start?

Fractional Business Managers can help audit, evaluate,  and implement the key business tools to help your company thrive. 

Who is this for?

  • Companies with established revenue in high growth mode
  • Estimated annual revenue of $500K 
  • Entrepreneurs. C-Suite, General Managers

With a fractional business manager, you'll get:

Professional with 10 + years of experience

Dedicated 10 + hours a week

Vetted and certified by Prowess Project


Our Fractional Business Managers are certified and can still serve as project managers by following-up with your team to ensure they are tracking on assigned action items to identify and troubleshoot problems sooner rather than later.

Want to know more?

Learn more about what’s covered in our certification, the cost and how to get started. 

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