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Welcome Call

Monday July 27th Noon CST - via Zoom

Course work

First module on Monday and new material released as modules are completed

Small Groups

Groups will be assigned and links sent out on Wednesday July 29th, 2020

Due date for the homework & final project

Sunday, August 2nd,


Prowess Fundamentals Pilot

Attendance on the call is required if you can not make this group we will add your list to the next group to be scheduled in August.

We do require that the program be completed in the required timeframe. The coursework you deliver is utilized as a part of our talent profile that determines the ideal candidate/job-fit in our matching process.  A delay in completion will impact final scores.

The Prowess Certification team is available for 1:1 empowerment coaching or resume help.  Learn more.

  • An internet connection
  • A laptop that is not owned by another employer
  • Access to Google Drive and Zoom

he Prowess mission started with a focus on women returning to work but over the last year and a half, our talent pool has expanded to women of all backgrounds looking for empowering work with flexible schedules.  If you resonate with our vision, we welcome you.

You will receive a link to the the Prowess Google classroom on Monday following the welcome call.  If you have issues with gaining access, please contact

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Our Mission

At Prowess Project, we saw two problems in the workforce. First, momentum stopping and resentment building when expecting team members go on parental leave. Second, educated and qualified women pausing their careers, many to become caretakers and then struggle to return to the workforce.  

Prowess Project provides employers with expert talent at a reasonable cost by vetting and certifying women returning to the workforce.  Our proprietary algorithm the talent with jobs based on IQ & EQ creating a natural fit almost instantly.   Women now can have it all – a fulfilling work and time with family.