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Free course to find joy in a new career

Free course to find joy in a new career

I have a very dear friend that once that flew from San Francisco to Austin just to take me to a Flaming Lips concert because I had never experienced their show. He swore that this experience was “pure joy.”

And yes – it was an experience. I could not stop smiling the entire time. The whole venue was filled with the vibration of joy. And balloons, and glitter, and a giant inflatable unicorn. How could you not find joy there?

From that night on, I realized the value of joy in our lives. We deserve to have this as our basic needs in life.

Yes, all of us deserve joy.

And why not make this a cornerstone of our career choices? (…Wait, what? Yes, I just leapt from the Flaming Lips to your career choices.)

Now I know that joy and career may seem as equivalent to 4” stilettos and comfort but it is possible.

And we feel so strongly about this at Prowess Project that we put together a free course on steps to take to find the joy during a career pivot.

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Free course for job change

When we are looking to make a change, it is the perfect time to reflect on our values and boundaries to ensure we are allowing ourselves the space for joy.

This may mean that we need to take a few classes to shift our career path to a role that is more empowering or fulfilling.

This may mean that we need to seek out companies that are more in alignment with our value system.

Or it could simply be honoring our boundaries for time and personal values that we have let get walked over in the past because of job obligations.

We always have the opportunity to choose again and our mini-course is designed to help you ask yourself the right questions to get to where you want to go.

Our free course is designed to help you ask yourself the right questions on how to achieve joy in your career.

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