Prowess is here to help you in the next steps of your career, returning to work after a break or finding the flexible work that you desire. 

What is your next step?

Certification to enter our Job Pool

Ready to start your career? Complete our 16-hour certification course to ramp you technology confidence and project management skills. Once certification is complete your are eligible to enter our job pool.


We have an entire tribe just like you ready & waiting. Get professional resources, inspiration, recommendations and best practices.

Returnship Courses

Not sure how to take the first step? Our online course covers the steps experts recommend to reenter the workforce.

emPowerment Coaching

We provide 1:1 coaching to help women find balance, confidence and gain clarity on the next steps in their career.

Why join Prowess?


The gender gap is real.  On average women make 79 cents on the dollar that men make. Together we can be the change.  Join accomplished women eager to make their career better work for them. 


Being a woman in the workforce is tough.  Feeling alone in that is ever tougher.  We share best practices, tools, recommendations, access to experts and having a lot of fun along the way.


Your career on your terms.  Gone are the days of the 40-hour workweek and 9-to-5s. We offer jobs that are part-time and remote to better fit in your busy schedule. 

Social Impact

Our mission is to achieve gender equality in the workforce.  Starting with the mommy penalty. We provide flexible work & access to a professional community to get women back to work.  

Prowess Tribe

Our Mission

At Prowess, we saw two problems in the workforce. First, teams not living up to their full potential due to group think and more talk, less action. Second, educated and qualified women pausing their careers, many to become caretakers and then struggle to return to the workforce.  

Prowess provides companies fractional talent at a reasonable cost by vetting and certifying these women and matching them up with companies who could use their expertise.  Women now have a third option, flexible, empowering work, so she can take back control of having it all – a fulfilling work and time with family.

What our Project Managers Say