Benefits of Prowess Talent

Access vetted, certified talent

Our vetted talent completes a 16+ hr certification to master emotional intelligence, project management best practices and the latest tech tools to better help your team.
Decrease turnover cost

Decrease turnover costs

Feel confident in your match. Our fractional talent pool is paired with you based on personality & learning style compatibility plus skill set needed.
Get control of your time

Get control of your time

Spend more time strategizing and focusing on revenue-generating activities and hand the operations to us.

Your Daily Struggles

Many business owners and team leads have maxed out their time with everyday struggles of ensuring efficient operations and managing their teams. There are too many daily “fire drills” which prevents focus on innovation, revenue-generating activities and strategic plans. 

What they say they really need is a cross between a strong executive assistant and a COO.  That is a hard niche to fill.

We help you by vetting educated and experienced business professionals, certifying them in emotional intelligence, team dynamics, project management and the latest tech tools.  Our proprietary technology matches you up with talent who have the skills, and will fit into your team quickly. When you have the right support, the urgent doesn’t control you and you can focus on getting your organization growing and succeeding. 

Prowess Project Case Study

Learn how Prowess Project
saved their customer $15K/mo 

A solution to your ever-growing to-do list

"Results Driven"

Calm under pressure
Operations expertise Training skills

"Can see the big picture"

Detail Oriented
Event Planning
Strong communicator

"Creative Solutions"

Create clear process Innovative ideas
Pulls a team together

"Integration Expert"

Biotech & Enviro experience
Software training and PM

Our Clients

Don't be a slave to the urgent.

We offer a better alternative for business leaders.

What we offer

Our Mission

At Prowess Project, we saw two problems in the workforce. First, teams not living up to their full potential because they are bogged down by fire drills. Second, educated and qualified women pausing their careers, many to become caretakers and then struggle to return to the workforce.  

Prowess Project provides companies fractional talent at a reasonable cost by vetting and certifying these women and matching them up with companies who could use their expertise.  Women now have a third option, flexible, empowering work, so she can take back control of having it all – a fulfilling work and time with family.

What our clients say

Have confidence with Prowess Project at your side.

How we do it

Assess your needs
Review your tools & processes
Integrate into your team

What we do

Educated & Experienced
Community of shared best practices
Continued education

Why we do it

Personality-style compatibility
Skills vetted
In demand higher-level talent

Working with Prowess Project is easy


Start by submitting our online form outlining the needs of your role. We'll send over personality tests to determine what communication and collaboration styles work best for you.

We Send Matches and you Approve

Based on our certification and screening, our algorithm will calculate the most compatible candidate from our vetted talent pool, then we'll introduce to you and your team.

Your team becomes more productive

Prowess Project relieves your stress and you instantly and seamlessly become more productive.