Sponsor a Prowess Pro

Sponsor a Prowess Pro


5.4M American women were pushed out of the workforce due to COVID-19 and lack of childcare, with NO clear path to return. When they are out for just 3 years, they lose 37% of their compensation power forever.


Prowess helps women go from home to hired via our integrate platform offering upskilling, confidence training, a Community and access to flexible, female-friendly jobs.  We have a 16-hr certification that covers project management, technology, team dynamics, remote work and much more.   Sixty-six percent of the women who took the certification have found jobs within 3 months.


To keep the lights, on the cost of the certification is $350. For many women, that financial barrier prevents them from taking the next step in returning to work.  That is where we need your help. Please consider sponsoring a woman take control of her future and strive for financial freedom.

Because the time to help women is NOW, before it's too late.