Online Business Managers

Providing Coaches & Consultants the proactive support so YOU can scale online!  

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Online Business Managers

Providing Business Consultants & Coaches the proactive support so YOU can scale online!  

Dying to offload your business management to a true partner?

Does the following sound familiar? 

Do what you love – so we can too. 

What if you had someone to…

Set up, streamline and maintain all the back-of-house operations (including lead nurture)? 

How much could you grow your business?

Most consultants & coaches say up to 10X! 

Sound too good to be true? Enter Prowess Project. 

Running & growing businesses comes naturally to our certified, vetted Online Business Managers.  They are business experts, true thought partners, ready to roll-up their sleeves to help you systemize to scale!

10+ years of experience

Vetted, certified & ready to work

Handles all mission-critical business ops

Builds & maintains your demand generation engine

Pinpoints areas to grow (& save!)

Another set of professional eyes on your business

What's an OBM?

Strategy of a COO with the execution of a VA... plus a dash of digital marketing for good measure

COO and VA
Oh, and we handle all the “people management” for you, so the performance reviews, time/project optimization, professional and leadership training, etc.

Meet the superwomen
happy to handle your business operations

"Lead whisper"

Streamlining pro
Lead generation expert
Strong communicator

"Integration Expert"

Nurture Funnel fanatic
Content creator

"Results Driven"

Calm under pressure
Operations expertise
Training skills

As seen in …

Our mission

43% of caregivers (mostly women) leave the workforce to raise children. When they are out for just 3 years, they lose up to 37% of their total compensation power – forever.

With no clear path to return, thousands are turning to Prowess Project. We help caretakers and career-pivoters upskill as OBMs and connect them with jobs that fit both their work and home lives.

Why OBMs? Because of what they call their “patchwork quilt-like” background. Experience in operations, marketing, sales, tech, etc – all that they are using now to run PTAs, volunteer organizations, places of worship, to name a few. Prowess is harnessing that talent, vetting it and delivering to coaches & consultants like you to run your business – so you don’t have to.

Our GOAL is to get 5K back to work.
Are you with us?

We have the track-record you can trust

And leave the rest to us...



Excellent OBM/Client fit


Saw faster results



This is for Consultants & Coaches who… 



Your next milestone is well within reach

Just see what our happy customers have to say ...

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I would have no business without Prowess Project.

-Mike, CEO
The Ebco

I hand everything off to our OBM.
She's priceless!

-Rebekka, CEO
Casa Metta

Our OBM from Prowess RUNS our entire business. GOD send!

– Christina, CEO
Ellie & Becks

Prowess Project

Business Transformation Phases

Each engagement kicks-off with our Prowess-Certified OBMs taking you through our Business Transformation Phases. This ensures that she has a deep understanding of your business and hits the ground running being a proactive member of your team. 

Within our phased-approach, we…



Choose your transformation speed

Our flexible model leaves you with just one question: How fast do you want to go?  

Prefer to test the waters? No problem. 

Kick-off your business transformation with our Starter Package at $2500. 


Ready to get out of the weeds & back to revenue-generating activities?

Schedule a call today!


Most frequent questions and answers

Prowess Project’s certified OBMs go through a 40+ hour training and must pass an assessment to be entered into our OBM talent pool.  The certification covers business systems, latest technology, demand generation creation and strategy growth practices – SPECIFICALLY for coaches & consultants. 

Great Question!  Prowess Project matches you with your ideal OBM via our proprietary algorithm that takes into account the skills needed, work-style, Communication-style, values and more.  Each candidate is presented to you with a compatibility score and you choose who to interview. 

Yes. You can interview up to 3 OBM candidates presented to you each with a compatibility score based on our proprietary matching-algorithm.

Good question.  Because the role of an Online Business Manager is relatively new, we’re happy to make the distinction.  Generally, your OBM will join your team to proactively take you through our business transformation phases and serve as an operations and strategic leader + executer.  Unlike many VAs, our OBMs will not need direction from you on day-to-day tasks but instead already know and complete what needs to happen in order to scale.  Getting on the same page to make this possible is part of Phase 1 of our Business Transformation Process, Audit & Foundations Set-up. 

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