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Your answer to your business operation needs

with the expertise to think strategically and the grit to get it done.

"Reads the room"

PMI Certified
Tech background Operations expertise

"Anticipates pitfalls"

Operations Expert
HR background
Startup veteran

"Prioritizes seamlessly"

Social media expertise Fortune 500 experience


Sales Operations
Healthcare & IT experience

Prowess Project Press

How we go about it

Accomplished talent

Executive-level wanting to get their hands dirty

5+ years of relevant work experience

100% have bachelor degree & higher

Vetted & certified by Prowess Project

Expert Community

Prowess Project’s closed community of women sharing best practices, industry knowledge, deliverable templates, helpful resources and so much more. 

Matching Algorithm

Our proprietary algorithm matches a candidate based on professional skill, experience, proficiencies and emotional intelligence compatibility. 

What Our Community Says

With Prowess Project, I know that things are getting done behind the scenes. It’s a relief to handoff the process creation and project delivery so I can focus on high-level execution.

Mike Maniscalco
CEO & Founder of Better Living Technology

Prowess Project gives women the opportunity to contribute to their families and progress in their careers.

Valerie P.
Prowess Project Manager

Why Women for leadership roles

“89% of American workers agree that working moms in leadership bring out the best in employees”

– Modern Family Index
Better Communicators
Calmer in crisis
Better Team Player
More Diplomatic

Time to end the gender gap

The Prowess Project Way


  • 43% of women leave the workforce to have children

  • If out for just 3 years, she loses 37% of compensation power (Harvard Business Review)

  • As time increases, confidence in skills, technology and network decrease

  • Sooner she can start contracting, the less compensation lost


  • Prowess Project training fills skill gap

  • Passing of certification grants access to job pool

  • Untapped talent offered to scaling, fast-moving companies

  • Candidate matched on skill, availability & emotional intelligence compatibility

Working with Prowess Project is easy


Start by submitting our online form outlining the needs of your role. We'll send over personality tests to determine what communication and collaboration styles work best for you.

We Send Matches and you Approve

Based on our certification and screening, our algorithm will calculate the most compatible candidate from our vetted talent pool, then we'll introduce to you and your team.

Your team becomes more productive

Prowess Project relieves your stress and you instantly and seamlessly become more productive.

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